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Alert: King County issues new Mask Directive effective May 20

King County issues new Mask Directive
effective today, May 20
The King County Health Officer has issued a new mask directive which takes effect today.
This directive applies to indoor spaces that are open to the public, including retail, grocery stores, government buildings, and other businesses and places where members of the public can enter freely; it does not apply to indoor non-public spaces, including businesses, offices, and other places of employment with limited access. Employers should continue to follow current guidance and requirements from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries on worker safety.
It does not apply to outdoor spaces.
King County strongly urges all businesses that are open to the public, including grocery and other retail establishments, to continue implementing policies and practices to ensure that their customers and employees wear face masks.
The directive will remain in effect until 70% or more of adults 16 and older are fully vaccinated.

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