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Commerce Energy Policy Office is hiring public engagement positions!

Good morning!
The Energy Policy Office in the WA Department of Commerce is hiring two new public engagement positions that will be essential to our success – and I hope you can pass along the opportunity to anyone who you think is a good fit:
·       Clean Transportation Public Engagement Specialist (MA4): This position will support both the Energy Policy Office and Clean Transportation Unit as the lead on all public engagement activities for clean transportation policy development and program implementation.
·       Hydrogen & Renewable Fuels Public Engagement Specialist (MA4): This position supports the Energy Policy Office as the lead on all public engagement activities for hydrogen and renewable fuels policy development and program implementation, as part of the activities of the Office of Renewable Fuels.
Public engagement work is becoming an increasingly vital aspect of our work as we shape our programs and policies to reflect the needs of the communities we serve. The clean energy transition requires clear and accurate public information, strong ties to on-the-ground leaders implementing the work, capacity building, and a commitment to environmental justice. These positions will help our state energy office improve across each of those tasks within our clean transportation and hydrogen and renewable fuels portfolios.
We will begin reviewing applications for both positions next week on May 31, so please reach out to any possible candidates when you have an opportunity.
Thank you!
Energy Policy Office | Clean Transportation
Washington State Department of Commerce
Cell: (360) 688-4006
Email communications with state employees are public records and may be subject to disclosure, pursuant to Ch. 42.56 RCW.
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