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Congress delivers just in time holiday cheer

Congress finally delivered a much needed $908 billion COVID relief package to the nation with almost something for everyone. Below is a summary of major funding categories of this bill awaiting President Trump’s signature:
  • Small business assistance: $325 billion with expanded Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) eligibility for some 501c6 nonprofits and tax deductibility when PPP is forgiven.
  • Unemployment insurance: $120 billion to provide an additional $300 per week for all unemployed workers.
  • Stimulus checks: $166 billion of economic relief that issues a $600 check for each individual making up to $75,000 last year; their dependents also receive $600 each.
  • Transportation assistance: $45 billion to transit agencies, airlines and their contractors, airports, Amtrak, etc.
  • COVID health: $69 billion for vaccine procurement and distribution; COVID testing/tracking for states; community health support.
Download RILA’s Top Line Summary of the new agreement. Missing in the package is the Republicans' priority for business liability protection and the Democrats’ request for state/local government funding relief.
Thank you for joining Washington Retail as an advocate in urging Congress to deliver COVID relief.
Happy Holidays!


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