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June 11, 2020
Technical assistance coaching and language support now available to unincorporated King County businesses hurt by COVID-19
Business owners in unincorporated King County can call or sign up online to receive business assistance coaching. This service is provided under the $4 million Small Business Assistance Program, approved by the King County Council in May, to help businesses in the unincorporated areas recover from the impacts of COVID-19-related closures.
King County Local Services is contracting with two U.S. Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institutions, Business Impact NW and Ventures, to provide the technical assistance to small businesses in unincorporated King County that have been hurt by COVID-19 and related public health measures.
Over-the-phone coaching will be available to businesses directly, as well as to local chambers of commerce and other community business organizations that serve businesses in these areas.
If needed, language interpreters will work with coaches and business owners during the technical assistance sessions. To access services in a language other than English, businesses should leave a phone message including the name of the language they speak. They will receive a call back from a coach and interpreter within two business days.
If you own a business in unincorporated King County, technical assistance coaches can help you with:
  1. Information about the latest (federal, state, and local) funding and loan resources
  2. Assistance with utility bills
  3. Filling out grant or funding application forms
  4. Coaching to help your business survive the impacts of COVID-19 closures
To access this technical assistance, call 206-331-3275 and leave a message. A coach will call back within two business days.
To learn more about this program, visit www.kingcounty.gov/localbusinesshelp.
The Small Business Assistance Program will also include a grant program to help small businesses in unincorporated King County “keep the lights on.” That program is set to launch later this month.
  1. King County Small Business Assistance Program: www.kingcounty.gov/localbusinesshelp
Economic Development Manager Hugo Garcia: “We know the economic impact and recovery of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is a marathon and not a sprint. This Small Business Assistance program will help our unincorporated King County businesses lead the recovery and will have a positive impact on our local economy.”
Brent Champaco, Local Services, 206-477-9094, brent.champaco@kingcounty.gov

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Important Update Regarding the Small Contractor and Supplier (SCS) Directory
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