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Latino Power Event Sponsorship

Custom made packages per event; most will include:

  • Latino Bronze sponsor: $3,100 and up, includes: company logo on: Invitations and event programs
  • Latino Silver sponsor: $6,830 and up, includes company logo on: Invitations, programs and venue.
  • Latino Gold sponsor: $12,600 and up, Includes all as Silver sponsor plus: public mention -acknowledgment by Chambers president as part of the event program.

Custom and a la carte services 2023

With previous experience successfully creating initiatives and programs for fortune 500 companies and government at top levels, we want to offer our members unparalleled return on their membership investment, with this purpose in mind our deliverables will always include:

  • Detailed information of events: qualitative and quantitative data and precise demographics.
  • Market standard metrics for member campaigns: Email & Newsletter stats by Mail Chimp.
  • Survey service metrics by: Survey Monkey.
  • Web based campaigns and brand exposure metrics by: Google Ads.
  • Social Media metrics by: SproutSocial (or similar)

Membership included or a la carte services

1. Seattle Latino Power 1600+ Business connections listing:

Our Latino Digital directory includes the most influential Latino professionals and business owners in Seattle and metropolitan areas, all of them are part of our grassroots organization. The directory is not for sale to outside advertising, it’s reserved for chamber and membership use. Members can partner with SLMCC and include messages and special communications about their businesses and services. Ask about mechanics and pricing for branding and marketing to our community. Price starts at $1.70 per open email.

2. Seattle Latino Digital Business Newsletter: Hola Latinos

Showcase your brand and company information on our official publication containing inside information and news of the Latino business scene, Chamber’s events and special focus on members businesses. Deliver to our entire Seattle Latino Connections Directory. Ask us for pricing on ads and full paid infomercials.

3. Seattle Latino Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

Partner with us to promote membership and events on our social media platform which includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For effective positioning and market reach, combine social media with our email and newsletter distributions – this service is available only for members.

4.  Referred and Referred Plus Seattle Latino member business listings:

Are you strategizing on how to attain business growth? As a member you’ll be automatically included on our Referred Seattle Latino Business list, available to all companies and professionals looking for established or serious new Latino organizations to do business with. The Referral List Plus enhances the description of our member’s organization and places it in a premium position for searches and queries.

5. Seattle Latino Job listings and Premium Job listings:

Open to members, professionals and enterprises interested in hiring Latino assets to their workforce and add the vibrancy of diversity to their organization. Our membership companies benefit from recruiting other Latino members with proven credentials and references. The premium listings get preferred positioning and added description

6.  Seattle Latino Online Network Program:

Designed for the busy entrepreneur, no more monthly business lunches or breakfasts to travel to and park, just to spend time mingling to find out if the people you were wanting to meet attended or not and then maybe end up with a lead for some new business or not.

Our Digital Networking Program allows you as a member to choose efficiently from your office or home (between Netflix movies?) exactly which members you’re interested in meeting to expand your business.

7. Minority certification, business education and financial workshops:

Members can access continuing business education and special programs like minority certifications, utilizing the chamber’s internal and external resources and partnerships at special discounts or no cost as part of their membership included services.

 For more information on our services and programs please send us an email with your questions to: info@seattlelatino.org


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