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Be aware of potential fraud threats to PPP borrowers
The Washington Retail Association was recently made aware of a potential fraud threat to PPP borrowers, and we encourage you to take due diligence to protect yourself and your business.
On December 1st the Small Business Administration (SBA) was ordered by a Federal Judge to release data on all SBA PPP borrowers. The timing of the release of this information by the government is awful because it is the beginning of the forgiveness application window. The SBA complied with this order.
The information released by the SBA includes:
  • Borrowers Name
  • Borrowers Address
  • Loan Amount
  • Lender Name
There are already confirmed efforts by fraudsters and scammers to approach the borrowers impersonating the Financial Institution listed as the Lender in an effort to get information they can use to take advantage of the borrower.
PPP borrowers shouldnot divulge any details in calls or emails from unknown numbers or email domains and contact their financial institution directly if they receive any contact from an unknown person or source.
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